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| trap = [[Has item type::Trap (environmental weapon)|Trap]]
| trap = [[Has item type::Trap (environmental weapon)|Trap]]
| package
| package
| container = [[Has item type::Container]]
| container = [[Container|Balíček]]
| token = [[Has item type::Trophy]]
| token = [[Has item type::Trophy]]
| drink
| drink

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Item infobox

Popis není k dispozici.

— Popis, který se nachází ve hře




Parameter Optional? Default Notes
name Optional Name of the article ({{PAGENAME}})
description Verbatim from the game
type <type> Use only these values:
  • alcohol — consumable that causes intoxication and contributes to Thirst Slayer
  • booster — consumable that gives a boost buff
  • codex — Creature Codices that give skill points when used
  • consumable — effect when used
  • crafting material - materials used for crafting
  • crafting tool — facilitates crafting
  • food — a type of consumable that provides an effect
  • gathering tool — used to gather wood/ore/plants
  • gizmo - non-consumable that activates something
  • junk — grey rarity items that have no use but to sell to npcs
  • miniature
  • container — any consumable that is opened to receive items
  • pvpPvP crafting materials
  • recipe — recipe sheets used to learn a recipe
  • salvage — used for salvage items
  • salvage kit — used to salvage upgrades or materials
  • skin - armor skin and weapon skin are equivalent
  • tonic — transforms the user
  • town clothing
  • toy
  • trophy
  • story item, quest item, event item — item only involved in an event or story
  • transmutation stone — any transmutation stone
  • generic — other generic items
icon File:{{PAGENAME}}.png Inventory icon.
key Optional Keyword for categorization, e.g.
  • Superior rune of power add key = power to add to P instead of S in the category
categorize Optional n to skip auto-categorization. If the page is historical, use the historical parameter (below) instead.
historical Optional y to flag the page as historical. Functionally identical to categorize = n, but it also adds Category:Historical content and displays the {{Historical content}} notice.
alcohol Optional Parameter for alcohol level of items in Category:Alcohol; the number of points the drink contributes to Thirst Slayer upon consumption.
skin type Optional Identifies the skin type for type = skin. Set to values prescribed by Property:Has skin type
miniature set Optional Identifies the miniature set that a miniature belongs to. This can either be "special" or a number, e.g. "1" for set #1.
miniature index Optional The order in which miniatures appear in the account vault. Assists with semantic queries and does not display anything on the page.
Specified rarity: junk, common, fine, masterwork, rare, exotic, legendary. Will be set to Unspecified per default.
Optional. Required level to use the item.
Optional. Required race to use item. Currently only used for cultural armor and cultural weapons.
Optional. Whether the item is Soulbound: yes, no, on use, on acquire, account.
Optional. The cost as it appears in vendor lists.
Optional. Value expects the number of Copper coin coins you will recieve for selling this item. (Only the number nothing more.)

For miniatures, toys and town clothing the following parameter may be used:

gallery1 ... gallery5 
Optional. Gallery images of the weapon. Defaults to <page name>.jpg
gallery1-text ... gallery5-text 
Optional. Gallery image descriptions.


{{Item infobox
| name = 
| description = 
| rarity = 
| type = 
| icon = 
| value = 
| bound = 
| key = 


{{Item infobox
| name = Pile of Soiled Essence
| type = crafting material
| value = 12 
| rarity = common

Pile of Soiled Essence

Popis není k dispozici.

— Popis, který se nachází ve hře

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